About Us

Best LawyersHoltzman Vogel Josefiak Torchinsky PLLC provides counseling and compliance services to individuals, corporations, non-profit organizations, trade associations, PACs, Super PACs and candidates who are engaged in influencing the public policy arena in Washington and across the nation.

Our attorneys offer highly specialized guidance on federal law, including the Federal Election Campaign Act, the Ethics in Government Act, the Lobbying Disclosure Act, and the Internal Revenue Code, as well as analogous state law and Congressional rules.

The legal and regulatory environment has become increasingly complex and more individuals and advocacy groups find themselves under aggressive scrutiny. Having served in national political party committees, presidential campaigns, Congress and the Executive Branch, our attorneys are uniquely qualified to assure clients that their activities will withstand the most intense review.


Election Law

PACs, Super PACs candidate committees and election administration are now subject to extensive and constantly increasing federal and state regulation. We provide counsel on all campaign finance and election law matters, including organization of state and federal PACs, Super PACs and candidate committees. We assist with reporting, ongoing compliance, and defending against enforcement actions, administrative complaint and audit matters.

Lobbying and Government Ethics

Our firm counsels clients on the gift rules and other federal, state, and local lobbying registration and disclosure laws. We provide comprehensive, 50-state analysis of direct and grassroots lobbying rules. This includes state and federal rules applicable to television, mail, internet and phone programs.

Tax-Exempt Organizations

Tax-exempt organizations play an increasingly significant role in educating the public and influencing public policy. We counsel tax-exempt entities including public charities, social welfare organizations, trade associations, 527s and other political committees. All are subject to extensive federal, state and local regulation. We advise clients on all such matters, including formation of tax-exempt entities, application for recognition of tax-exempt status, corporate governance, and compliance with IRS, FEC and lobbying rules. Additionally, we provide state charities bureau registration and compliance services to charities, fundraising counsel and professional solicitors.